Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mama Bear Baby Bear Revisited

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  1. I want to help you with the girly stuff...though I only have boys, but would love a girl...what's totally popular right now seems to be owls and birds...I think the shrooms were cool. I would buy an owl or bird pic and save it for if I had a girl or just put it up on my side of the room...by the way, I think your stuff is awesome. I bought "the birds" and "plane and simple". I plan on buying "the truck stops here" soon and I am going to get them framed for my boys room..."the birds" I plan on putting in the play room. Seriously, I could buy all of your work. I want the whole nursery rhyme series and more. I also love how you send your work in a record album case. Love it.

    Hope the idea about the owls and birds help...maybe I'll come up with something else in my dreams tonight! Good luck!