Friday, April 18, 2008

Po Tato


  1. Hi Adam,
    I love the pictures of your baby, Heaven. If she is still a baby, I make booties. I would like to know if sometime in the near future, I could send you a complimentary pair, if you would be able to take pictures and send them to me? Maybe with your baby wearing them.
    I don't have a little model around and she is so cute!
    Just let me know. My etsy site is: and my email is:
    That's where I found your work, on the front page =) And got a screen shot if you want it.

  2. Adam, this is Chelsea from Babinskis'... (the one who makes the tatertot clips too). Anyway, I love your new stuff! Can't wait to order more for the store. I will also be selling my clips at Oh Sweet Sadie, so I'll see you there! Good Luck!

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  4. I like po tato, your stuff looks great!

  5. These are all so cute. Do you have prices?